Assistant CFO


Reports To: Chief Financial Officer

 Position Status: Non-Exempt

 Position Summary: Responsible for assisting the CFO in managing the business affairs of the working with church members and staff to achieve the church’s mission objectives.

 Financial Management

 Responsible for assisting in the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of various functions within the framework of the business / financial services of ECOD;

  1. Assist the CFO in preparing reports for the annual church business meeting
  2. Reviews and appraises soundness, adequacy and application of accounting financial and other operating controls and to promote effective internal controls in the ministry at reasonable cost
  3. Maintains accurate and up-to-date pledge files
  4. Reconciles payroll reports to general ledge
  5. Coordinates mortgage / loan payoffs with financial institutions

 Personnel, Management

 Provides direction and supervision by providing administrative support and interpretation of ECOD administrative policies.

 Property Management


  1. Directs routine maintenance, developing and administering policies and procedures for use of church properties
  2. Evaluating the church’s insurance needs and reporting the results of that evaluation to church leadership; fire, health, workman’s compensation etc.
  3. Security of the church and its properties; and keeping an inventory of church property and equipment.

 Church-Office Management


  1. Reviews office equipment and computers from time to time and in consultation with church leadership, determines when new machines should be purchased
  2. Reviews and coordinates contracts


Additional Duties


  1. Obtains legal, tax, and business advice for the church
  2. Performs research in response to IRS matters ‘ inquires
  3. Explains IRS Rules and Regulations and government reporting as needed to Board of Directors and Financial Committee




  1. Employee subscribes to and is in full agreement with the “I believe the Bible to  be the Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice and that it has been clearly and consistently interpreted in ECOD “By-Laws Tenets of Faith and Doctrine”.
  2. Employee’s inability to perform his/her duties due to physical or conduct detrimental to the ministry shall result in termination.



Original: 02/07/04

Revised: 08/18/10