Women's Ministry President

Evangelistic Church Of Deliverance

Women’s Ministry President

Reports To:  Pastor-President; Church Administrator

Position Status: Non - salaried

Position Summary: The Women’s Ministry exists to build a community of godly women.


  1. Must be a church member in good standing.
  2. Have good organizational skills.
  3. Able to relate well with other people.
  4. Have a passion for ministering to women.


  1. Develop and coordinate monthly meeting..
  2. Mentor and disciple women of the church, helping them to grow spiritually.
  3. Plan and coordinate women’s conferences, luncheons, service projects, and trips..
  4. Participate in and oversee special events and activities for women.
  5. Administer the work of women’s ministries by encouraging teamwork and mutual support and by providing leadership for all.
  6. Pray regularly for the women of the church and God’s direction.
  7. Develop a budget and oversee the distribution of funds and keep track of expenditures.
  8. Establish goals and objectives by prioritizing related programs – managing the use of facilities, delegating tasks, and evaluating progress regularly.
  9. Work with appropriate committees, officers, and leaders to carry out the ministry of the church.


  1. Employee subscribes to and is in full agreement with the “I believe the Bible to  be the Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice and that it has been clearly and consistently interpreted in ECOD “By-Laws Tenets of Faith and Doctrine”.
  2. Employee’s inability to perform his/her duties due to physical or conduct detrimental to the ministry shall result in termination.

Original: 05/01/12